Day 543: Lunch Money Day

Would you like spuds with that?

As I walked through the subway last week, I spotted three people wearing funny paper hats and holding out coffee tins with the words “Lunch Money Day” written on them. It was a fundraising drive for the Second Harvest anti-hunger campaign. After I tossed in my coins, the lady with the tallest paper chapeau gave me a cool button with the website printed on it (don’t ya just love buttons?!) but I didn’t have a chance to check out the site until today … No, really.

Turns out, Second Harvest works with food banks across the city to “rescue” fresh perishable food that would otherwise go to waste (from grocery stores, food companies, etc.) and distribute it to 250 or so homeless shelters, community centres, breakfast programs and other social service programs across the city.

And as an inspiring reminder that one person can make a difference (or in this case, two people), Second Harvest was founded by Ina Andre and Joan Clayton 25 years ago, back when all they had was “a hatchback and a vision,” according to their site. Their vision? That nobody in our community need ever go hungry.

Second Harvest has grown from those early hatchback days to a fleet of seven refrigerated trucks that help provide 15,000 meals for needy children, seniors, psychiatric patients, homeless people, and others who have fallen on hard times. I will wear my button proudly….

P.S. Heard this song today for the first time. Enjoy!


One thought on “Day 543: Lunch Money Day

  1. Nice lyrics, thank you little puppy girl.

    “Time can heal, hearts can mend
    So why can’t we reach across the line
    And touch each other

    When will we ever learn
    That the thing we have in common
    Is an uncommon love
    We have an uncommon love
    An uncommon love”

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