Day 547: Return of the Litter Lady

Credit: Franke James, Toronto artist, photographer & environmentalist (

Not sure if it was the sunshine energizing me or the melted snow revealing all the “buried treasures,” but I resumed my litter collection route today. And oh what a bountiful array the melted snow brought forth.

On one block alone, I collected no less than 12 Tim Hortons cups. And as I strolled further through the neighbourhood, I found soggy cigarette packs, water bottles and an entire empty pop carton and wrapper. I emptied out my bag in one trash bin then filled it once again before I headed home.

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit there were some items that were either too muck-encrusted or just plain gross, for me to pick up. My husband suggested I get a stick with a pointy end … you know, like the ones the perps doing “community service” use. Not a bad idea. The device could also come in handy next time he makes one of those suggestions. 🙂

What really surprised me about the number of Timmies cups I gathered (at least 20), is that their “RRRoll Up the Rim to Win” event is on now and every cup is a potential winner. But I suppose RUTRTW pros know when to hold ’em and when to throw ’em….

I checked out the Tim Hortons website and read the following claim:

Tackling Litter Together
Litter affects us all and Tim Hortons continues to create awareness about the environment, litter, and the importance of keeping our neighbourhoods clean.

Hmm. I think their definition of “Tackling” and mine might be a little different, so I sent them a constructive comment suggesting they honour their commitment to the environment (they’ve even trademarked the phrase, “Making A True Differenceâ„¢”) by playing a more active role in either collecting or discouraging Timmies Trash, especially in neighbourhoods surrounding their stores.

I’ll keep you posted … don’t think I’ll be RRRolling up a prize anytime soon, though!
P.S. The full Somos El Mundo, all proceeds support Haiti relief!

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