Day 547: Return of the Litter Lady

Credit: Franke James, Toronto artist, photographer & environmentalist (

Not sure if it was the sunshine energizing me or the melted snow revealing all the “buried treasures,” but I resumed my litter collection route today. And oh what a bountiful array the melted snow brought forth.

On one block alone, I collected no less than 12 Tim Hortons cups. And as I strolled further through the neighbourhood, I found soggy cigarette packs, water bottles and an entire empty pop carton and wrapper. I emptied out my bag in one trash bin then filled it once again before I headed home.

In the interest of full disclosure, I admit there were some items that were either too muck-encrusted or just plain gross, for me to pick up. My husband suggested I get a stick with a pointy end … you know, like the ones the perps doing “community service” use. Not a bad idea. The device could also come in handy next time he makes one of those suggestions. 🙂

What really surprised me about the number of Timmies cups I gathered (at least 20), is that their “RRRoll Up the Rim to Win” event is on now and every cup is a potential winner. But I suppose RUTRTW pros know when to hold ’em and when to throw ’em….

I checked out the Tim Hortons website and read the following claim:

Tackling Litter Together
Litter affects us all and Tim Hortons continues to create awareness about the environment, litter, and the importance of keeping our neighbourhoods clean.

Hmm. I think their definition of “Tackling” and mine might be a little different, so I sent them a constructive comment suggesting they honour their commitment to the environment (they’ve even trademarked the phrase, “Making A True Differenceâ„¢”) by playing a more active role in either collecting or discouraging Timmies Trash, especially in neighbourhoods surrounding their stores.

I’ll keep you posted … don’t think I’ll be RRRolling up a prize anytime soon, though!
P.S. The full Somos El Mundo, all proceeds support Haiti relief!


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4 responses to “Day 547: Return of the Litter Lady

  1. hmmm, nice yar! I should do that…need to do some cleaning in the house tomorrow.

    Thanks for the inpiration.


  2. Yeah, but McDonalds has free coffee until March 14th, and it’s actually pretty good, so roll up the rim will have to wait…

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