Day 549: Staples of life

From the must-see movie "Office Space."

My good deeds today were office-related ones. In the staff kitchen, when the coast was clear, I took a moment to wash and dry the coffee spoons (that are made available to staff as an environmentally friendly alternative to the dreaded stir stick).

Then later, when I noticed that not one of the five staplers available in the photocopy room actually had any staples in them, I restocked four of them. (One of them did have staples inside, I discovered, it was just refusing to share them.)

And in my ongoing research on how to best deal with found items, I came across this letter in my local paper. Another great idea! (I should really try to get a government grant for this important work.)

Glove Love
“Recently I attended a show downtown and parked on King St. I was in a hurry and didn’t notice my gloves fall from my lap when I got out of the car. By the time I realized they were missing, I didn’t have time to go back for them.

“After the show when I returned to my car, I found some kind soul had evidently picked up my gloves from where they had fallen, and tucked them between my car’s radio antenna and windshield pillar. They aren’t valuable but they are special to me, and I am thankful for this kindness. You can be assured I will pay it forward at every opportunity.”
Nancy, Toronto

P.S. Heard this song on the radio this morning from Canada’s Natasha Waterman. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Day 549: Staples of life

  1. That photo from Office Space gave me a laugh.

    Usually I’m pretty good at the office around restocking bathroom paper supplies, photocopier paper etc. (even though I’m the effin’ regional boss!).

    Was trying to think if I did a good deed today, and I almost forgot, yes! I bought a “Scaredy Squirrel” book by Canadian author Melanie Watt, which are the best childrens books in the world, for one of my reps who has two baby girls.

    Also did a Scaredy Squirrel cartoon in the summer, “Unemployed Scaredy Squirrel”…that’s not a good deed, I just love Scaredy Squirrel.

  2. Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen stuff for mom. Made it look welcome for her to make me the next delicious dish.

    Peace gooddeedylady!

    – Sifar

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