Day 551: Stray cat strut

Now THIS cool cat looks like a Sylvester!

I was at the mall tonight picking up some dry cleaning when I noticed they’d changed some of the rides in the kids’ play area. Michelangelo was still there (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, not the sculptor), but they’d replaced the golf-kartish ride with a sort of house of mirrors and the donkey ride with a giant-sized Sylvester the Cat. (Not sure why anyone of any age would want to go for a ride on a big cat, but hey, what do I know.)

I wanted to leave some coins in the slot of one of the rides so the next boy or girl who came by could have a free ride, but there were so many people going by, I couldn’t figure out how to do it without someone noticing.

I was tempted to yell “Sale!” and point across the way to the shoe store (which was, in fact, having a sale), but chickened out at the last minute. What I ended up doing was circling around the play area until the coast was clear. (It’s a good thing there were no kids playing there, or I might have been escorted out of the mall!) When the time was right, I quickly took out my coins and gently positioned them at the slot of one of the rides.

Even though I do have a soft spot for Michelangelo (the Turtle and the sculptor), I decided to go with Sylvester. To be honest, I always thought Tweety had it coming….

P.S. Les Stray Cats. Enjoy!


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