Day 552: Happy π Day

Happy π Day, everyone! In honour of this most auspicious occasion, I decided to do 3.14159265358979323846 good deeds … not really.

But I did do something somewhat Pi-ish by letting three people ahead of me in line at a restaurant … and, who knows, if the lady in the group was expecting, that could very well work out to 3.something!

On Friday night, I was fortunate enough to have tickets for a live taping of The Rick Mercer Report and it was very cool to get a peek inside the CBC Building. Standing ahead of us in line were a mother and daughter who’d been smart enough to bring a camera with them. It was fun watching them take photos of each other pretending to hug the CBC “stars” … or their poster-size pictures, anyway.

It occurred to me that they might like to have a picture together, but I was feeling too shy to ask them (and the two were busy talking and laughing, so I felt awkward intruding). So I suggested to my husband that he offer to take their picture. But he was even less inclined to butt in than I was. So I did what any self-respecting GDADer would do … I rudely interrupted them and asked if they’d like me to take their photo together.

They thrust their camera at me so fast, they practically knocked me over (probably wondering what took me so long!). Then they made a beeline over to the wall to pose with a giant George Strombolopolous (yes, that is his name). After a shaky start, I found the right button, took a couple of pics and warned them to make sure they worked. After all, George might not have been ready for his close-up….

P.S. The show was hilarious, by the way. Here’s a sample of last week’s show. Enjoy!


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