Day 555: Toronto the good

It seems to be chocolate-fund-raising season for students. I just bought my third box of chocolate covered almonds this month, from a young guy in a baggy hoodie and even baggier pants. I asked him what charity they were supporting and he flashed me a card for Teens Vision Canada. I took a quick look and it said they give part-time employment to youth and support such organizations as Covenant House, Jessie’s Centre for Teenagers and Youth Without Shelter, among others.

When I bought the last batch, from a 12-year-old in bright yellow rubber boots, I doubled my good-deed by not having any myself, but offering them up to my colleagues. They vanished within seconds!

When I see these kids flogging their wares for charity outside shopping plazas or at the subway, it makes me realize what a breeze it was to go door to door selling Girl Guide cookies back in the day.

Now a box of those I would keep for myself ….

In Canada, Girl Guide cookies only come in these three flavours...
... here's the cookie smorgasbord they have to choose from in the States! What happened to Free Trade???

Toronto tales

Wanted to share a couple of stories with you that made me proud of my fellow city folk.

Yesterday, I rode the streetcar with a friend and we both marvelled at an amazing mom who was able to corral about six or seven kids under 10 (I lost count, to be honest), two of them infants in baby carriages and one a toddler in a stroller. She had another grown-up to help her but what I found especially touching were the two young guys who helped them lift the big carriages down the steps and onto the platform once we got to the station.

And then this story I read in my local paper:

I work for an optometrist. An elderly woman came in for glasses because she had lost hers. She is 92 years old. After hearing the cost she said she could not afford them.

A patient who was waiting for an eye exam came into the dispensary and purchased the glasses for the woman. (The purchaser is a retired school teacher). Her kindness brought tears to my eyes. What lovely people to share this world with.
Pam, Toronto

P.S. A James Morrison ditty. Enjoy!


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