Day 557: Taking a stand

Artist: Stephen Murphy

Confession time. Before the days of GDAD, I would sometimes, not often, but sometimes, sit in the seats reserved for mobility impaired peeps at the front of the bus or streetcar. Shocking, I know … I’ll blame it on peer pressure … and weak ankles.

I got a lesson today in why those seats should be kept free (and thankfully, I wasn’t nestled in one of them reading my paper at the time).

I was about halfway down the streetcar and peering out the window, I could see a middle-aged woman with very halting steps trying to make her way across the intersection. It was somewhat of a sketchy neighbourhood so I admit that my first thought was that she was unsteady on her feet ’cause she was drunk.

My second thought was that she was going to get hit by a car and as I watched her progress to check that she made it across to the other side, I realized she was stone cold sober, but walking on two artificial legs.

She didn’t use a cane or crutches but instead swung her arms out forcefully to help her keep her balance. Not only did she make it across that intersection, but turned and braved her way west across to the median and boarded our streetcar.

Out of breath but still smiling, she collapsed into the lone seat at the very front of the streetcar. The trolley was standing-room only but no one had taken that seat.

I don’t think I ever will again….

P.S. Here’s a riddle for ya. Enjoy!


One thought on “Day 557: Taking a stand

  1. Lesson for me too. We might never know how things can help. Even the simple existence of such provisions really conditions our subconscious to feel a little more at ease, that if were in that state, yes there would be a vacant throne out there waiting for me. Yeah, the kingdom come.

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