Day 564: Picture imperfect

See, now THIS would have been a good spot.

One thing I’ve learned over these past 563 days is that, even though you may have the best of intentions, every time you approach a stranger, you run the risk of them looking at you like you’re a potential axe murderer. (Sadly, a real possibility in this day and age.)

I’ve learned to live with those “Please go away!” and “For the love of God, don’t hurt me!” looks, however, and have tried not to let it stop me from offering assistance. But, to be honest, some days, I’m just not that brave.

Today, though, I was feeling courageous. So when I saw a man snapping pictures like crazy down by the waterfront, I put on my best “I’m harmless … really” smile and asked if he’d like a photo with himself in the picture.

Not only was he not freaked out, he said “Brilliant!” with a charming British accent, tossed me his digital camera and leapt into position in front of the Harbourfront skyline faster than you could say, “Are you ready for your close-up?”

So I took his picture, and another for good measure, then felt compelled to suggest that he choose a more interesting backdrop … the CN Tower maybe? Or Toronto Island? But no, he was happy with the spot he chose.

And I was happy it didn’t turn out that he was the axe murderer… or, if he was, that he’d taken the day off ….

P.S. One of my favourite “photograph” songs from one of my favourite albums ever. Enjoy!


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