Day 565: Seat smarts

About a week or so ago I gloated about never sitting in the seat on the streetcar that’s reserved for seniors or the disabled.

Little did I realize that the newer subway cars also have such designated seating. And those seats actually move, sort of fold up, so that someone in a wheelchair can position their chair safely during the subway ride.

I discovered this info today when I sat in the special seats by mistake. A lady wheeled up and sort of nodded at my seat and it took me a few seconds to clue in, since my nose had been buried in my newspaper.

Thankfully, I did clue in, though. Then I crumpled my paper under my arm as I apologized for sitting there, and sheepishly made my way to the other end of the car.

Good thing is, I do know where the special seats are on the bus … will need to do some research on the GO Train, however….

Commuter kindness
Read this story in my local paper and thought it fit in with today’s theme … it warmed my heart about  my home town and I hope it will yours:

Recently, my wife Camilla and I were in Toronto for an important medical appointment. It was first thing in the morning and we had to take a bus and the subway during rush hour.

We were pleasantly surprised by the courteous attitude of the people. Twice, once on the bus and once on the subway, I was offered a seat by women. Doors were also held open for us on several occasions. Thanks, Torontonians, for making a visit for folks now used to a small town less stressful.
Norman, Belleville


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