Day 570: Expecting … a seat

I was so exhausted by the end of today that I was relieved to be able to sit down on the subway. It was one of those days when I actually started to doze off in my seat.

When I did open my eyes, there was a gargantuan baby bump right in front of me. I almost screamed. Not even kidding.

Then I noticed that the poor mom-to-be looked more exhausted than I did. So before I knew what I was doing, I was standing up and hearing myself say, “Would you like a seat?”

She was no fool. She sat down so fast I thought it might send her into labour.

But it was only fair really. A couple of times when I was wearing my tent-shaped winter coat, I was offered a seat. It was only after I said my thank yous and sat down that I realized they’d only given it up because they thought I was preggers.

Torn between being insulted and embarrassed, I settled on just happy I finally got a seat.

Gotta love those happy endings!

P.S. A song for those days when gravity gets you down. Enjoy!


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