Day 572: Smile awhile

Smiles are underrated. I know I take them for granted. But sometimes, when you’re having a bad day and someone gives you a warm, sincere smile, it can turn your own frown upside down. … Sorry, cheesy, I know … and yet it’s true, isn’t it?

I was walking along this morning, lost in my own stressed-out thoughts, when a stranger looked up at me and smiled before walking on by. I felt two things:

1) Surprised … in a good way; and

2) Mad at myself for not being with it enough to have smiled back.

So to make up for this smile faux-pas, I spent the rest of today trying to do the same for others. Even though it was one of those days when nothing was going right, I kept thinking back to that friendly guy from this morning and, in turn, smiled at the lady in the elevator, the man who sold me my sandwich and a couple of my coworkers.

Now, my grin might’ve frightened a few of them, but I found the mere act of smiling tricks your mind into thinking you’re cheery. Weird.

Will have to try it more often….

P.S. Did you know Charlie Chaplin wrote the song “Smile”? Enjoy!


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