Day 574: Litter Lady takes a holiday

I took my Litter Lady duties on the road today, folks. I’m currently on vacation in the U.S. and after taking a walk around town to get oriented, I sat down on a park bench for a bit.

When I got up I noticed that there were a bunch of empty soft drink cups and cans strewn around the bench. I realized if I walked away at that point, I would look like the litterer. Horror of horrors for Ms. GDAD.

And beyond that, I thought, how hard is it to pick up a cup or two? It’s not like clearing an oil spill or something. So I risked all sorts of communicable diseases and picked up the stray beverage bits in my bare hands. (Scrubbed them later, of course.)

So the moral of the story is, I may take a holiday but litter never does. … Hey, wouldn’t that make a cool anti-litter campaign bumper sticker?!?

P.S. Heard this song today in a restaurant and it brought back great memories. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Day 574: Litter Lady takes a holiday

  1. Good Morning
    Love reading your posts everyday!!!
    Enjoy the videos too!
    Have a great vacation!

    PS…..can you imagine going on vacation without your computer???

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