Day 575: Leavin’ on a jet plane

Almost how small our plane was.

Thought I’d fill you in on the interesting flight that began this vacation. It was a relatively small plane (I’m not really up on my plane models, but it was the type with a pair of seats on one side of the aisle and only single seats near the window).

When my husband and I booked our seats, the only two left were separated by one seat. So he took the single window seat and I took the other window seat.

I was going to ask the man beside me if he’d mind switching with one of us, but it occurred to me that he had had his pick of two window seats and chose the aisle anyway, so he must have really wanted it.

I figured maybe he was afraid of flying or superstitious or just really loved aisle seats. So I didn’t want to embarrass him by asking him to change and figured it wasn’t a long flight, so no big deal.

Well, it did turn out to be a long flight. We were flying right into some big storm system in the northeastern U.S. and in trying to go around it, the pilot had to battle strong headwinds that used up most of our fuel.

Yup, we ran out of gas.

We were supposed to be flying from Toronto to Houston, but needed to land in Dallas instead to fill up. Then the equipment that was supposed to restart the aircraft broke down and needed a boost. So yes, it turned into a long flight with lots of missed connections (ours included).

On the bright side, the man who I’d thought was afraid of flying or afraid of windows or just plain afraid turned out to be none of those things. As soon as he saw me pass my husband’s reading glasses over to him, he put two and two together and, well, put we two back together … by switching seats with my husband.

What did I learn from all of that?
(a) Don’t judge a book by its superstitious cover; and
(b) Fly direct.

Reader mail
I read this lovely comment on one of the very early GDAD posts (Day 47) from a reader who just recently started reading from Day 1. And since it sort of ties in with today’s theme, I thought I’d share it up here on Day 575. Thanks, Brenda!

“Your grouchy bus driver reminds of the clerk at eye glass shop years ago. She looked mad at the world…..I said Hi & she smiled. She had a lovely sailor style dress & I commented on how nice it looked on her. That seems to perk her up, she then had big smile on her face & said Thank You, you have made my day….I realized she was just very tired & had not had a good day.

“Last year at the Sacramento Airport, I had thought the lady working the computers was just being quietly grumpy as she talked to those waiting in line but realized she was super concentrating on juggling the seat assignments around to accommodate everyone who wanted to sit together on an overbooked plane. As she got things how she wanted, I could see her eyes sparking & a big smile on her face…… .then to my surprised she called our names first….we got the best seats on the front of the plane. I thanked her & let her know how much we appreciated her for doing that for us. I am handicapped & having to sit in the back of a plane is not easy for me.”

P.S. I’ve always loved John Denver’s version of his own song. So terribly sad now that he’s gone, but still so beautiful.


One thought on “Day 575: Leavin’ on a jet plane

  1. Hi Deb

    That Dallas airport can be a real hassle sometimes even when the weather is fine.
    Have been delayed there many times in the past.
    Don’t like flying in the storms. Know you were glad to get home.

    Love the songs you pick to go with your daily blogs.

    Northern California

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