Day 578: Good deed grasshopper

I feel like such a good-deed rookie when I watch my husband in action. On our trip home from our vacation, he racked up so many random acts of kindness it made my head spin.

First, he picked up a boarding pass someone had dropped, found the person it belonged to and returned it to them. Then he helped a grey-haired man lift his carry on into the overhead bin.

After we landed, as we watched the luggage merry-go-round looking for our bags, he saw a lady struggling to reach hers before it drifted past. Without missing a beat, he dove for the humongous steamer trunk, managed to grab the handle and wrestle it to the ground by her feet.

I have so much catching up to do.

I did try though today. As I left the office there was a delivery person trying to get in the building with her oversized dolly stacked with boxes. She couldn’t get through the door so I held it open for her and tried to help her wedge the dolly through the door without knocking over any of the boxes.

We almost got it through but then one fell off the back. That’s when I saw the “Fragile” stamp. Didn’t hear any tinkling sounds when we put the box back on the dolly, though.

She looked a little surprised I stayed to help but I’m sure that’s what most people would have done. Of course by the time I got outside it had started raining.

It was just one of those days.

P.S. Love this song. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Day 578: Good deed grasshopper

  1. GDAD, I love the song Falling Slowly and the movie seems so romantic. I must check it out. Thanks for posting it.

    You should know that you’re racking up acts of kindness in absentia. You’re an inspiration and great role model. I’ve shared your good deeds, recommended sites, and other great info to my students, who’ve taken it to heart literally. They handed out Paydays (candy bars) to teachers on payday to show their appreciation for all their hard work. They made and handed out free lemonade to passersby. They go around and pick up litter on campus and so much more. They’ve created the first random acts of kindness club (RAK) on campus and sold t-shirts for fundraising. The t-shirts have Random Acts of Kindness Club on the front and 50 ways to show it on the back of the t-shirt. I’m so proud of them. IMO a rookie you are not. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.

    1. Wow, mollie, thanks so much for letting me know, you made my day! 🙂

      Your students sound amazing, I’d love to share your description of their awesome “deeds” in my next post!

      Thanks again!

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