Day 579: Hear ye, hear ye

"I love you" in American Sign Language. Not as easy as it looks. Try it.

Strangest thing happened to me today. It’s happened before. When I got home it struck me that I had been so caught up in work craziness that I hadn’t gone out of my way to do anything nice for anyone today. Nada. Then the phone rang.

I heard that tell-tale delay of the telemarketer and felt like hanging up. But I heard the caller say they were from the Canadian Deaf Sports Association. Spooky.

Turns out, I donated last year to help send several deaf kids to a special sports camp where they can play and compete without having to worry about their hearing impairment. The man said deaf curling is the big sport this year. Who knew?

So I agreed to make the same donation I did last year and ended up chatting with him for a bit. I could tell it caught him off guard. He said on his last call, the lady told him she’d won big at bingo so was happy to give a little extra. I told him I did not score a big bingo win so I’d have to stick to my usual amount. He laughed and so did I.

I guess you never know what lies just around the corner.

P.S. I thought this was lovely. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Day 579: Hear ye, hear ye

  1. Hi Alli

    I work with the Liverpool Signing choir and just wanted to thank you for sharing our children’s efforts around. My daughter is not deaf but now mixes with profoundly deaf children and they share the same experience within the choir and as young people it is something which will shape the rest of their lives

    1. You’re most welcome, Ian. Your choir is truly inspirational and thank you so much for sharing your story.

      One of the things I love about YouTube is discovering new music and heartwarming projects like yours!

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