Day 581: Wheel life story

I tried to be a good-deed driver today, which believe it or not can sometimes be  more challenging than being a good-deed pedestrian.

Much like that Goofy cartoon from way back when, getting behind the wheel can turn the most thoughtful person into a self-absorbed speed demon … or maybe that’s just me.

So I tried to keep an eye on the speedometer and follow the car ahead of me at a safe distance (rather than close enough to read that driver’s tattoos). I also hung back a couple of times to let other drivers change lines into mine.

Probably the most thoughtful thing I did while driving, however, was to lower the volume on my singing along to the radio. That’s another strange thing that happens when I get behind the wheel, I turn into one of those American Idol contestants who are escorted out of the audition by security.

Curb courtesy
I came across this lovely story in my local paper and wanted to share it with you. (Over the years, I’ve “found” many a lovely item curbside, and now I know how to thank the original owners!):

“A year or two ago, I curbsided some old white wicker chairs that I had grown tired of. A few days later I went outside and on a bench by my front door was a bouquet of flowers and a note thanking me for the chairs, saying they looked lovely on the person’s porch and how much they were appreciated.

“It really touched me and still amazes me that someone took the time to come back and thank me. I think of this often and it still makes me smile.”
Valerie , Newmarket

P.S. I had the good fortune to attend a benefit concert for the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre last night and heard the amazing Nathaniel Dett Chorale sing this song. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Picture above from HERE.


One thought on “Day 581: Wheel life story

  1. You’ll like this one even though it’s not driver related. Actually my recently driving related experience had a minivan, when I was changing lanes to avoid a stalled vehicle with a ton of room, charge at me as though to ram me, and I had to pull back to avoid collision.

    When someone uses a vehicle as a weapon like that, I don’t care if it’s Mike Tyson driving with the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers as passengers, I will hold that person accountable. In our exchange around me inquiring as to why the driver would do such a thing “Would it have been the worst thing in the world if you had let me in? What would that have cost you in your day? Three seconds?” I was summarily dismissed by the driver with a patronizing “You wouldn’t have liked it if I had rear ended you” and “God Bless You”…okay, that was super offensive, no Christian on Earth would use their vehicle as a weapon like that. I won’t say what I said back, but it challenged the driver’s self declared Christian status and guided him to a more accurate self assessment moving forward in his life.

    But I digress, that’s not the story.

    One of my reps best friends is married to a deadbeat and she has kids. She recently applied for a business development job with a good company, and my rep coached her for the interview (which included a sales role play) using all the interview/persuasion/preparation tactics I teach on a daily basis in my role (with my professional role being my boring secret identity, and my cartoon unemployed dad role being my exciting super hero identity, just so you are clear). As a result of the coaching, her friend blew away all the other candidates, and got the job.

    I feel really good about that because by imparting knowledge through my rep to her friend on some very unique and powerful strategies I’ve developed over time and experience, we changed her friends life in a positive manner. It is so good to change someone’s life like that.

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