Day 582: If the shoe fits … it’s too bad you don’t have the other one

Shoe vending machine ... treads to go. (Pic from the cool shoe blog,

Two major accomplishments today, folks. First, I managed to take a walk-through of one of my favourite stores (*cough*Winners*cough) without buying anything for myself (although I did pick up a surprise gift for my husband).

Second, I gave directions to a stranger and I’m pretty sure I pointed them the right way.

And when I was in the store – okay, okay, I was in the shoe section, but I stayed true to my SA (Shoeaholics Anonymous) pledge and resisted all temptation – a lady asked me how a black pair of open-toe wedgies looked on her.

“Do these look too old?” she asked.

I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by “too old” … Scuffed? Grown up? Orthopaedic?

“No, they look great on you,” I replied. And they did. I added. “And there’s a mirror around the corner, if you want to take a better look.”

She smiled, thanked me and off she went.

I should’ve thanked her. I think our conversation helped me stay on the wagon.

Reader mail
A couple of posts ago, Mollie left this comment and it made my day so I wanted to share it with you. Her amazing students deserve GDAD gold stars all around!

“I’ve shared your good deeds, recommended sites, and other great info to my students, who’ve taken it to heart literally. They handed out Paydays (candy bars) to teachers on payday to show their appreciation for all their hard work. They made and handed out free lemonade to passersby. They go around and pick up litter on campus and so much more. They’ve created the first random acts of kindness club (RAK) on campus and sold t-shirts for fundraising. The t-shirts have Random Acts of Kindness Club on the front and 50 ways to show it on the back of the t-shirt. I’m so proud of them.”

P.S. Shoes reminded me of running, so here you go. Enjoy!


One thought on “Day 582: If the shoe fits … it’s too bad you don’t have the other one

  1. Candy update! They had the $2 candy bags again at Costco in support of the children’s hospital, only this time I bought it and took the bag instead of donating it back, and donated an additional $5 because that’s how I roll.

    So, Saturday, which is my guilty pleasure consumer day, just before dinner, I had a little candy…and one thing led to another…sigh…I had candy for dinner on Saturday night.

    My mom would be so disappointed…

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