Day 583: Notably quotable

Monsieur Gustave Flaubert at his cheeriest. (Portrait by Eugène Giraud.)

Had a reunion of sorts this morning. Because of vacation, different work routes and just the unexpected twists and turns of life, I hadn’t seen Mr. Singh for a few weeks. (He’s the gentleman who sells Outreach Connection, “Helping the Homeless and the Unemployed.”)

It’s been a few weeks, so I wondered for a moment if he’d remember me. But when I walked up to his usual spot outside the subway exit, he greeted me with a warm smile and gapped-tooth hello.

I explained why I’d been a no-show for a while and he promptly took me over to his carrier-bag draped over his battered bicycle and pulled out several back issues.

“You have a whole library in there!” I laughed.

“Yes, I remember which ones you’ve missed,” he said. And he handed me the whole bunch.

I, for one, am happy to read yesterday’s news today, so I paid for them all and carried on my way.

It was fun having a bunch of his Notable Quotable quotes to read through at once, but his was my favourite:

“To be stupid, selfish, and have good health are three requirements for happiness, though if stupidity is lacking, all is lost.”
Gustave Flaubert (1821 – 1880)

More reader mail (I love reader mail, just so you know…)
Michael (from left this cool comment on an earlier post, so in case you missed it, just had to share. Enjoy!

“One of my rep’s best friends is married to a deadbeat and she has kids. She recently applied for a business development job with a good company, and my rep coached her for the interview (which included a sales role play) using all the interview/persuasion/preparation tactics I teach on a daily basis in my role (with my professional role being my boring secret identity, and my cartoon unemployed dad role being my exciting super hero identity, just so you are clear). As a result of the coaching, her friend blew away all the other candidates, and got the job.

“I feel really good about that because by imparting knowledge through my rep to her friend on some very unique and powerful strategies I’ve developed over time and experience, we changed her friend’s life in a positive manner. It is so good to change someone’s life like that.”

Well done, Michael!

P.S. Source: Flaubert image from HERE.


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