Day 585: Doughnut deeds

Tim Hortons Camp Day campers.

Sorry to be M.I.A., folks. Was traveling this long Victoria Day weekend without much Internet access.

I did, however, have open good-deeding access, so I started the road trip off by contributing to Tim Hortons’ “Rent A Tent” program.

It’s part of their initiative to send thousands of needy kids age 9 to 12 to summer camp this year.

Timmies also designates June 2nd as Camp Day … that’s when a penny from every cup of coffee sold is donated to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation. In 2009, Camp Day raised more than $9.4 million CDN ($8.5 million U.S.).

For “Rent A Tent,” I made my donation and the Timmies staffer pulled out a little yellow paper tent for me to sign. Then he stuck it on the wall with all the others. It was nice to see all the donations up there for all to see. Sort of camper wallpaper.

I checked out their website and apparently the Tim Hortons Foundation runs six camps that offer both summer and winter sessions. I doubt if they serve the kids coffee but I bet Timbits are mighty plentiful ….

P.S. Geek alert, loved this summer camp movie (and it was shot here in Canada too). Enjoy!

P.P.S. OOgieSOD YouTube vid from HERE and Tim Hortons picture from HERE.


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