Day 586: Think pink

Pierre Trembacz poses in front of his new St. Marys CBM pink cement truck for breast cancer awareness.

I’ve gotten into the habit now of saying hello to my bus or streetcar driver when I get on and then thanking them when I get off. Most of the time I get a greeting back, sometimes not. Sometimes there’s a bunch of us in a row saying thanks, sometimes not.

Either way, it makes the trip more personal, for me, anyway. Wait, guess that makes it a good deed for myself then. Oops.

But today, the driver (someone new) jerked his head up as if no one had ever thanked him before. He gave me a big smile back and said “Have a good day!” I think I will.

I also saw a very cool sight on my way to work this morning and thought I’d share it with you. It was a huge pink cement truck driving along. I did a little research and found out that the truck is part of St. Marys CBM company’s “Building a Concrete Cure” campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Here’s what else I found out:

Building a Concrete Cure
“St Marys CBM, a recognized leader in manufacturing construction products, today launched the first ever pink ready-mix truck in Canada in partnership with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. The standard grey ready-mix truck received a pink paint job to signify respect and admiration for those affected by breast cancer and to provide a visual reminder to customers who order concrete from the Pink-Truck.

“‘Like most Canadians, breast cancer has touched and impacted the lives of too many CBM employees,’ said John Vanderpas, Vice President and General Manager, St Marys CBM. …’We thought a pink ready-mix truck would be unique and eye-catching enough to remind people to stop, think and act to help find a cure for breast cancer.’ …

Members of the public are welcome to take pictures with the truck and its driver, Pierre Trembacz, but are reminded to please keep a safe distance if the truck is in operation. To buy a model Pink-Truck ($125 each, all profits going to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation), please call St Marys CBM at 1-800 268-6148.” More info HERE.

P.S. Here’s (guess who?) Pink with Canada’s Sarah McLachlan. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Video from HERE. Photo above, credit: Salvatore Sacco / St. Mary’s Cement Inc. / from HERE.


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