Day 587: Good deeds with a bullet

I don’t know if it’s good deeding or just the arrival of summer weather (finally!), but I must look happier these days because five … FIVE! … strangers in a row approached me today to either ask directions or the time.

I was gobsmacked, as they say on Coronation Street. Not so long ago, I was known for looking so glum and unapproachable that a stranger once came up to me and told me I needed to cheer up.

The most amazing thing is, I was actually wearing earphones today and had to take them out to answer their questions. A person listening to an iPod would not be my first choice if I needed a quick answer. But there you go.

I also did some light Litter Lady collecting today, so when I saw this story about Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly tidying up his neighbourhood … and the trouble he got into because of it, I just had to share it with you. I should not be chuckling over the poor man’s misfortune … but I am.

Halifax mayor apologizes for bullet in carry-on
Excerpted from CBC News

Halifax Mayor Peter Kelly blamed overwork and absentmindedness for what he called his “asinine move” of forgetting to take a bullet he found out of his briefcase before going through airport security this week.

“What fool would try to go through an airport with such a thing in the bag? They would be crazy to do so,” he told CBC News Friday in Halifax after returning from a mayors’ conference in Toronto.

Security staff at Halifax Stanfield International Airport spotted the bullet in Kelly’s carry-on briefcase while he was passing through the security check en route to the conference on Thursday.

After staff noticed the unusual object, they alerted RCMP officers, who surrounded Kelly and began asking him questions…. He was subject to a pat down and four or five minutes of questioning before he was allowed to proceed. Security staff kept the bullet….

Anti-litter bug

The mayor blamed a memory lapse caused by too many long weeks at work. He said he regularly collects litter on his way to and from his downtown Halifax office in an effort to keep Grand Parade square outside City Hall clean.

He said he found the bullet in the grass on the Argyle Street side of the square, just in front of his office. He threw it in his briefcase, intending to hand it over to police but forgot about it at the end of a long day.

He said he regularly finds sleeping people, alcohol bottles and cans, along with used and unused condoms in the area.

“I’m known for cleaning all the crap up off the street,” Kelly said. “‘It was a stupid, stupid mistake.”

He said he will continue his litter-collecting habit, but if he finds another bullet, he’ll call police and let the professionals handle it.

P.S. In case you were wondering what I was listening to on my earphones … it was a version of this song. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Hey Soul Sister/Train video from HERE and cartoon above from HERE.


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