Day 589: Duly noted

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We take turns on kitchen duty in our office. One week each. I did my week about a month ago, so it’s still fresh in my mind how the sink full of dishes and crumbs stuck all over the counter can push you over the edge.

My coworker reached that edge today … and jumped off.

He’s only been on cleanup duty since yesterday, but the crusted cups and food bits in the sink must’ve really gotten to him.

He whipped out a package of bright purple Post-its and a black Sharpie and plastered the place with notes like, “DO YOU TREAT YOUR OWN HOME THIS WAY???” and “IS THIS YOUR CUP?”

He called it the “Wall of Shame.”

Once the lunch rush was over, I noticed that all the cups and dishes emblazoned with his purple prose were still there. I was torn.

I wondered, “Do I leave them there until the cleaning staff comes in at night and they have to take care of it? Or do I roll up my sleeves and just get it over with?”

You probably know which path I chose.

My coworker was not thrilled, however, that I took down his Wall of Shame. But I explained that pretty much the whole office had come through the kitchen and seen his Post-it rant, so his point was clearly made.

Why did I not take a picture, though?….

P.S. Who knew you could make a whole film using Post-its? Enjoy!

P.P.S. Video from HERE and photo up top from HERE.


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