Day 592: When one door opens….

Coolest. Elevator. Ever.

I worked extra late today. When I walked out of the elevator into the lobby, I was yawning and my eyes started to water. So when I saw the two ladies peering into the building from the sidewalk, I thought maybe I was seeing things.

One was about 4′ 9″ but the big puffy blue checkered hat on her head made her seem more like 5’1″. Her friend had flaming red hair and wore a Barbie-pink dress. (You can see why I thought I might be hallucinating.)

Then it hit me that they were waiting for someone to let them into the building. Now I know that’s frowned upon (especially with the G20 Summit coming up and all), but unless demonstrators are now dressing up like Cabbage Patch dolls, I thought they were a safe bet.

So I let them into the building and was about to go on my merry way, when the blue-hatted one asked, in a thick Polish accent*, if the parking lot was still open. She explained that they’d given her a code number when she parked, in case they came after 6 p.m. (which it was), but she hadn’t realized she needed to keep it with her. So it was locked up tight in her car. Underground. In the lot.

Sounded exactly like something I would do, so I accompanied them to the elevator to see if it would still take them down to the parking level. I rode with them in case a security pass was needed to access that level. It wasn’t but I felt better knowing that they weren’t stuck in an elevator to nowhere.

I mean, haven’t we all been there?….

*I say Polish accent because she sounded exactly like my Polish neighbour when I was in Grade 3. I could, however, be mistaken.

P.S. Here’s Winnipeg band The Duhks. Enjoy!

P.P.S. The Louvre elevator photo from HERE. The Duhks video from HERE.

P.P.P.S. Mini-series from yesterday to be continued tomorrow!


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