Day 593: The reel deal

Barbie, schmarbie, oh how I want this doll!

I love movies. Almost as much as I love books (and I really love books). Some I could watch over and over … and over … again. Especially classics like The Philadelphia Story, Notorious, Tootsie, Annie Hall, Moonstruck … and not-so-classic ones like Gidget Goes to Rome and Dodgeball.

So when I heard about a project called “Reels to Relax,” I knew I had to jump right in. Reels to Relax was started three years ago by Toronto high school student Simone Roth as part of her community service credit requirement. It involves collecting DVDs and videos for donation to Toronto’s Sick Children’s Hospital.

Simone got the idea for the project after spending some time at Sick Kids herself and discovering that watching movies helped the young patients cope with treatment. She also found out, however, that there was a shortage of films for the kids to watch. She decided to start collecting DVDs and videos and in May, she was able to donate more than 600 movies to Sick Kids Hospital.

I checked out her website and found out she plans to continue with the project (even though she’s completed her community service requirement) … what an amazing young woman.

So I took a look in my “archives” *cough*cardboardbox*cough* to find out if I had any movies that were: (a) G-rated family fare; (b) New, still in the original wrapper (as per hospital anti-infection rules); and (c) Not lame.

Here are the gems I came up with:

  • Saint Ralph, the heart-warming story of a 14-year-old who trains for the 1956 Boston marathon.
  • War and Peace, with Audrey Hepburn (okay, maybe a little heavy for the kids, but their parents might like it. Their grandparents?)
  • Anchorman with Will Ferrell (for the teens, I figure); and
  • The Poseidon Adventure: Special Edition … okay that one I am tempted to keep myself …Shelley Winters as the former Olympic swimmer who’s, um, let herself go? Classic.

But, for those brave kids, I will make the supreme sacrifice … I might even hunt up Gidget Goes to Rome for them ….

P.S. Ah, Moondoggie. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Poseidon Adventure doll image from HERE and Gidget Goes to Rome vid from HERE.


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