Day 596: Bicycle notes for two

There’s a reason I didn’t call this blog “Random Acts of Kindness A Day” … besides it being a tongue-gnarler … the main reason is, I fail at random.

But that fact slipped my mind today when I decided to try and do something completely random for a stranger — something that might make them smile.

I was walking around the downtown farmer’s market at lunch and spotted some bicycles locked up under some trees. Bingo. A couple of them had carrier baskets so I figured I’d write a cheery “Have a nice day” note on a Post-It and leave it in their basket.

Two things stood in my way:

1) No Post-Its.

2) Two chain smokers were chatting beside the bicycles and I didn’t want them to think I was papering the neighbourhood with “$1 off carpet cleaning” flyers.

Oh, and one more thing. Next week the G20 Summit is taking over downtown Toronto and the whole city centre has turned into a police state with cops on every corner and concrete/chain link fencing everywhere I turn.

When I remembered that, my mind started racing … what if someone thinks I’m a protester handing out protesterish notes? What if the person finding the note thinks it’s from a stalker and gets freaked out? What if I can’t stop asking, “What if?”

After a few deep breaths, I sat down on a bench and calmed myself down, then looked through my purse for some plain paper and a pen. I had enough to write two notes that said, “Happy Thursday! Have a lovely day today!” I added “Please pass it on” thinking that might help rule out the stalker option.

I looked over at the bicycles and when I saw the smokers light up … again … I decided to move on down the block. And there they were, two bicycles each with a basket — one sort of a bright blue milk carton and the other wire mesh. Perfect. I deposited my little notes (with no witnesses) and kept walking.

Not-so-random mission accomplished….

P.S. This isn’t my usual type of song, but I like it. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Bicycle poster from HERE and video from HERE.


One thought on “Day 596: Bicycle notes for two

  1. Speaking of two’s…

    I was at Starbucks today and when I paid, the cashier informed me my card was empty. For fun, I said “That’s okay, she’s paying for it” and I pointed to the lady behind me in line. And she agreed! And she insisted! “You have to pay it forward” she said. No problem there.

    So, at a mall, they had a charity hot dog stand and I bought a $2 hot dog, paid with a $20, and donated the balance. So now I’m good right?

    But when I was getting a watch battery replaced, I was watching a kiosk skin cream salesman pitch this…not rich looking lady and her daughter on skin cream. He was awesome. Just like Adam Sandler in “Don’t Mess with the Zoltan”, super creative, really funny, and really light spirited, though tenacious in his sales pitch. You could tell the lady really wanted the cream, but just could not afford it ($45). I had one more $20 bill in my wallet, so I strolled over, put it down on the counter and said “Lets just make this sale happen, now it’s half price “. Well everyone was a bit surprised, “I’ve never seen that before in my life” said the salesman. “It’s worth it just to watch the comedy in the way you sell, I feel there should be at least a 2 drink minimum” I said.

    So the lady was super happy, “I guess Prince Charming’s do exist” (yeah, I am pretty awesome ha ha). Once I was done with my watch, the salesman called me over and gave me a free tube of shaving cream.

    Now I have to pay it forward all over again!


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