Day 597: Play it forward

Protesters marching north on Yonge Street in downtown Toronto this afternoon. (Pras Rajagopalan/CBC)

With all the chain-link fences and police presence and building barricades, the downtown core is a little tense right now. Our office building, in fact, has a security guy sitting in the lobby (uniform and everything), when we usually don’t even lock the front doors.

Today was the first day of this new “system” so I helped out a couple of people whose passes weren’t activating the elevator to their floors. (Just remembered we got a memo asking us not to do just that, but I recognized them … sort of … as regulars, so I figured it was okay. 🙂 )

I also made sure I greeted the new security guy — he looked the most tense of all. I hope there isn’t any trouble in our building, because this guy was about as intimidating as … me. In fact, I think I could take him.

Just in case anyone missed this great comment from Michael, I’m posting it here. Enjoy!

Reader mail
from Michael

“Speaking of two’s…

“I was at Starbucks today and when I paid, the cashier informed me my card was empty. For fun, I said ‘That’s okay, she’s paying for it’ and I pointed to the lady behind me in line. And she agreed! And she insisted! “You have to pay it forward” she said. No problem there.

“So, at a mall, they had a charity hot dog stand and I bought a $2 hot dog, paid with a $20, and donated the balance. So now I’m good right?

“But when I was getting a watch battery replaced, I was watching a kiosk skin cream salesman pitch this…not rich looking lady and her daughter on skin cream. He was awesome. Just like Adam Sandler in “Don’t Mess with the Zoltan”, super creative, really funny, and really light spirited, though tenacious in his sales pitch. You could tell the lady really wanted the cream, but just could not afford it ($45). I had one more $20 bill in my wallet, so I strolled over, put it down on the counter and said ‘Let’s just make this sale happen, now it’s half price.’ Well everyone was a bit surprised, ‘I’ve never seen that before in my life,’ said the salesman. ‘It’s worth it just to watch the comedy in the way you sell, I feel there should be at least a 2 drink minimum,’ I said.

“So the lady was super happy, ‘I guess Prince Charming’s do exist’ (yeah, I am pretty awesome ha ha). Once I was done with my watch, the salesman called me over and gave me a free tube of shaving cream.

“Now I have to pay it forward all over again!


P.S. I’m including two songs today and I’m taking a poll. Please let me know which one you like best (if either) and why. Thanks for playing. 🙂

#1 Parachutes & Airplanes

#2 Not a Very Good Liar

P.P.S. Protester photo from HERE. Parachutes & Airplanes video (both StarryNites01) from HERE, and Not A Very Good Liar video from HERE.


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