Day 598: Let’s do the time warp agaaaain

You know those times where something happens within seconds but it feels like hours have gone by? I had one of those times today.

I was getting off the crowded subway and looked up and saw a woman near the escalator drop her raincoat. She was way ahead of me and I could see that if she got on the packed escalator, she’d probably get lost in the crowd and I’d never be able to find her again.

Of course all this zoomed through my mind as I raced for her coat. Literally. I went into full Chariots of Fire finish-line mode … complete with slow motion. Or it felt like that anyway.

I sort of swooped up her jacket with one hand, barreled my way through the crowd with the other and somehow managed to catch her at the top step.

She hadn’t even known she’d dropped it.

And yes, it seemed to take hours, but I looked at my watch and a minute had barely passed.

On the buses

I saw a remarkable act of charity on my bus this morning and wanted to share it with you.

As you may know (especially if you live here in Toronto), the G8/G20 Summit is taking place here this weekend. The security has been ramping up all week in anticipation of the world leaders converging here for their big Scrabble tournament camouflaged as “meetings.” To try and avoid any bus and subway delays this morning, I decided to take an Express bus that picks up passengers at about four or five stops in my neighbourhood then goes directly downtown (for extra fare, of course).

Because of road closures (due to the Summit security), the bus had to change its route this morning at the last minute. But when the bus driver thought he’d made all his initial stops and turned down the detour road, a lady sitting behind me called out, “Excuse me, but there was someone waiting at that last stop!” She’d noticed a woman standing at an Express stop just beyond where he’d turned.

“There was?” said the driver, but by then he was committed and had to carry on.

So this kind lady got on her cell phone, called someone she knew who lived in the building across from the stop and asked them to run out and tell the woman the route had changed for the day.

I guess that makes two acts of charity….



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