Day 602: Stand-up gal

This picture has nothing to do with good deeds, I just thought it was cool. (Photo: BruceK via

Is it a good deed to let someone else offer a stranger a helping hand? I ask that question because I sort of had a good-deed standoff with a fellow passenger on the subway today.

I boarded a practically empty train and sat across from a young woman wearing shorts and flip-flops.

Then, a white-haired Asian lady got on and took halting steps toward the middle of the car. Even before the train started moving again, she looked as though she was losing her balance. She wore enormous white running shoes and one of those canes with a three-legged base (for more stability, I guess) but she was very stooped over and wobbled with every step.

When it looked as though she was headed for a seat, both I and the flip-flop girl partially stood up at the same time and reached out to lend the lady a hand, but seeing that I was too far away to really help, I sat back down in my seat.

As it turned out, the feisty old gal waved off help from the young woman and instead stood her ground in the middle of the car, clutching the subway pole with one hand and her cane with the other. (While Ms. Flip-Flop and I kept a close eye on her.)

She might have been shaky of frame, but certainly not of spirit….

P.S. A lovely a cappella song. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Video from HERE & Toronto harbour photo from HERE.


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