Day 603: Meals on wheels

If I ever held a good-deed-off with my husband, he’d win hands down. We were in a restaurant over the weekend and all of a sudden he bounded out of his chair and bolted outside. “Was it something I said?” I wondered.

I looked out the window and saw that he must’ve spotted the elderly lady who was struggling to push her husband’s walker/rollator (that he was sitting on) up the ramp to the front door.

Not only did Mr. GDAD wheel the man up the ramp, into the restaurant and over to a table, but he stayed to chat with them for a few minutes. When he sat back down at our table, he was quiet for a minute. I told him how proud I was of him.

“They remind me of my parents,” he said softly.

Ivan takes his sweet ride for a spin with sister Annie.

Sunshine Foundation
My deed today was more of an accidental one. I just happened to spot a sign in my local Winners store for a fundraising campaign to support the Sunshine Foundation of Canada, which makes dreams come true for children living with severe physical disabilities or life-threatening illnesses.

I made my donation, then put my name on a sunny yellow round sticker that got posted on the wall behind the cash registers. It was nice to see so much “sunshine” up there.

Here’s an example of one of the dreams that the Sunshine Foundation has helped to make come true:

Ivan’s Dream

Ivan simply loves bike riding.

Like many 14-year olds, he likes feeling the wind on his face, chasing his little sister around, and just generally being one of the gang. But living with Cerebral Palsy means Ivan needs a special bike, and unfortunately Ivan could only ride a special bike like that at school. To enjoy the summer, to visit his friends in the neighbourhood, Ivan needed his own adaptive tricycle.

Ivan’s sister, Annie, wrote to tell us “He could never be happy without it. His bike is his dream… Please help my brother.” His parents Katarina and Josip wanted to help, and when Ivan’s physiotherapist told them about Sunshine Foundation, they hoped they had found an answer.

Ivan’s dream came true this fall when he got his very own bike and helmet. His ‘cool new ride’ is electric blue and has all the features Ivan needs. Ivan’s customized wheels let him visit his neighbours, play with his sister, and do what he loves best.

“When Ivan rode the tricycle at home, he did not want to get off,” his mother tells us. Fulfilling this teen’s dream has meant free-wheeling fun, more opportunities for exercise, and a sense of independence.

P.S. Ivan’s picture from HERE.


3 thoughts on “Day 603: Meals on wheels

  1. I’d love to see the two of you do a good-deed-off! What a great idea :o)

    Selena was so great! Here’s one from a CD where a bunch of artists did music from West Side Story:

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