Day 607: Service with a smile

Isn't this beautiful?

You’d think being Ms. GDAD and all I’d be broke from giving my money to every panhandler I pass. Nope. Not in the summer anyway.

The winter’s a different story. If your “job” involves standing outside all day in the freezing cold soliciting money then I’d say you’ve earned it. But today I saw a summertime approach that I couldn’t refuse.

Even though the young guy was sitting in a nice shady spot across from a Caribbean music festival, I did put some coins in his hat all because of a sign he held up.

It read, “Ha ha, made you look! … Can you spare some change?”

Pretty much anything done with humour will win me over and he did. I gave him the change and wished him a nice day and he said, “You too, eh!” … So I did.

Bike stand bandit

I saw this letter in my local paper and it warmed my heart (and gave me a great idea for tomorrow! 🙂 ):

“Walking along Charles St., I saw a young man stop at each of the post bike stands to pick up any bikes that had fallen over. Initially I assumed someone’s bike was blocking his, but after putting each bike upright, he continued walking.

“It was a small gesture, but his act of kindness for unknown bikers is not something I’ve witnessed very often on the busy streets of Toronto.”
Heather, Toronto

P.S. Bike photo from HERE.


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