Day 609: Long, hot summer

I saw a disturbing sight today. I was walking back to the office after lunch and a man a little ways ahead of me standing in an open garage collapsed onto the pavement.

He was a dark-skinned man in his sixties wearing a nice Hawaiian shirt and long navy pants. I rushed over to him at the same time as the couple walking ahead of me and a maintenance guy from the building we were standing in front of.

The maintenance guy sort of took charge and when the man started to come to, he helped him sit up. The rest of us weren’t helping much and I wished I’d had my bottle of water with me because it looked like he could use some.

His brow was beaded with sweat and I think he just passed out from the heat, maybe from dehydration. As we asked the man how he was feeling, a security guard came out of the building and invited the guy to come inside to the lobby, and get out of the sun.

When it looked as though he was being taken care of, I left them to it and kept walking back to the office.

It warmed my heart to see so many strangers stop to help this man.

Note to self: Next time, bring water….

P.S. Speaking of water, here’s “Down to the River to Pray” with  Alison Krauss and Robert Palmer. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Penguin cartoon from HERE and Vid from HERE.


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