Day 611: Flower girl

It was a beautiful day for the downtown farmer’s market. My first stop was the flower stall where they were selling some tired looking carnations alongside the sassy yellow sunflowers.

I bought three sunflowers and decided I’d give them away to three strangers. Maybe brighten someone’s day.

Trouble is, as soon as I walked away balancing these gangly things, I suddenly felt very shy about approaching a complete stranger and handing them a flower.

Isn’t that a Hari Krishna thing to do? I thought to myself.

I strolled around the market  half-looking at the corn and the berries, but what I was really on the lookout for were possible flower recipients. Someone sitting alone seemed like a good bet. And I saw quiet a few people on their own, probably on their lunch break like me, sitting reading a book.

The longer I walked, the more shy I felt until finally I gave my head a shake. Whoa, you’re giving someone a flower not a hand-grenade, I reminded myself.

That was it, I snapped out it and walked up to a lady alone on a bench eating a sandwich and reading a book. “Hello there,” I said, handing her the flower, probably a little too forcefully. “I’m giving these away. Have a nice day.”

“Oh, thanks,” she said, looking a little frightened of me.

For the next lady, also eating her lunch and reading a book, I tried not to thrust the sunflower at her like Katie Couric demanding answers from Sarah Palin. Instead, I approached her quietly. “Excuse me,” I said. “Here’s a flower for you. Have a good day.”

She thanked me a little more warmly …  no deer-in-the-headlights look at all. Result!

So that left me with one last sunflower. I was walking past a row of bicycles locked into bike stands, so I placed the last flower gently into one of their carrier baskets.

Hopefully, they’re not allergic….

P.S. This was the group performing at the bandshell today. Jaffa Road. Really cool sound, enjoy!

P.P.S. Cartoon from HERE. Vid from HERE.


2 thoughts on “Day 611: Flower girl

  1. I love that you do this. What a nice way to lift a person! I can see that I have a lot of reading to catch up on here. Now I have a little story that sort of fits in.
    One day my daughter came home from kindergarten without her mittens. (she is 30 now so this was a long time ago!) I asked where they were and she told me there was a girl in her class with “cold hands and no mittens.” She gave her hers.
    She is the same way today.

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