Day 614: Something ’bout smiles

Two coworkers baked this Big Mac cake for another colleague. Isn't it aMAZing?!?

Do you ever walk along feeling sorry for yourself and just when you’re at the peak of your inner “woe is me” tirade, you either spot someone in a wheelchair or holding out a paper cup asking for change? No? Just me then?

That happens to me a lot … I suspect it isn’t coincidence. Today I was grumbling away under my breath at the crowds pushing past me up the stairs at the subway, when I looked up and saw a young blind girl trying to make her way down the steps with her cane in her left hand and a man guiding her elbow on her right. Grumbling came to an abrupt halt.

So later, when I saw an elderly lady ahead of me on a set of steps taking each stair very slowly, I asked if she needed a hand but she waved me off and focused on the task at hand.

Good morning, Sunshine

My lovely hairdresser also gave me a great idea for a good deed that I tried out this morning. She said that her sister and brother go for long walks through the park every weekend and have a contest with each other to see who can get the most people to say, “Good morning” or “Hi” or smile back at them. They start it off by taking turns greeting random strangers walking past and they get points for each response.

I didn’t have anyone to compete against, but just for the heck of it, I gave it a go. I sort of cheated because I tried it in the elevator in my office building (a somewhat less-threatening environment) but was thrilled to get a positive nod, one smile and TWO! “Good mornings” in return!

…hmm, I think I’m on to something….

P.S. Speaking of smiles, hope this song brings you one. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Vid from HERE.


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