Day 615: Chocolate improves math skills

No, this is not me. But it is what I felt like doing with the bar.

I’ve been trying to cut back on sweets lately, but when a good deed is involved, what’s a girl to do?

I was walking through the subway station today and saw a perky pre-teen with springy curls and braces holding a handful of chocolate bars.

Feeling my willpower crumbling (for chocolate, not good deeds), I approached her and asked if she was selling them for school.

She very politely and articulately explained that she was selling them to raise money for a charity called Teens Vision. She told me a little bit about what they do — the money they raise helps supports the Daily Bread Food Bank, the Salvation Army and Jessi’s Centre for Teenagers.

I asked a few questions and then went for the two-for-$5 special.

Of course, now I had two bars of evil deliciousness in my hands.

But you’ll be proud of me folks, I didn’t crack open them until I got back to the office and I cut one into pieces for my colleagues to share. I’ll do the same with the other bar tomorrow.

Okay, okay, I did have one piece … hey, no one’s that good ….

P.S. Here’s Montreal’s Arcade Fire. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Video from HERE. Chocolate picture from HERE, where I learned that studies have shown that chocolate can improve math test scores. Maybe I will have one more piece ….


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