Day 619: Slow-motion tsunami

A young flood survivor walks in search of clean water in Nowshera near Peshawar, Pakistan. (Mohammad Sajjad/Associated Press)

I’m sure you’ve seen the news reports of the catastrophic flooding in Pakistan that’s left more than four million people homeless and 1,600 dead in that country.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations called the disaster a “slow motion tsunami” and the monsoon season isn’t over, so the devastation will likely continue.

One of my coworkers is originally from Pakistan and organized a food-and-supply drive in the office to collect donations of non-perishable food and other staples. She’ll be taking them to a charity she works with that will transport a shipment over to Pakistan.

She emailed everyone with a list of items they need and left a box beside her desk where you could come by and drop off donations any time during the week.

I ended up giving a carton of juice boxes (#3 on the list) but it didn’t seem like very much in the grand scheme of things, so I want to also give a cash donation to the Red Cross.

Here are some organizations accepting donations for the relief effort:

Other groups are listed HERE.

I don’t think I’ll ever complain about the rain or snow ever again….

P.S. Here’s the late Eva Cassidy’s version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

P.P.S. News photo from HERE. Video from HERE.


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