Day 620: Umbrella-ella-ella

I think I'm in love with this painting: "Man With Umbrella," Billy Childish. (Click pic to enlarge.)

A day you prevent someone from losing an eye is a good day. I think I read that in a fortune cookie somewhere.

How did I manage to do that on a rainy Monday, you ask? Well, I was walking along minding my own business (which is a challenge in itself when you’re scanning the streets for potential good deeds).

And a gust of wind blew by ruffling my rain coat, which was somewhat soaked by the early morning showers. No, that wasn’t what saved the eye.

On the corner, I spotted the most mangled black umbrella I’d ever seen. The nylon was ripped and the metal spokes twisted and broken beyond repair. It looked like some sort of freakish robot tarantula.

That’s where the eye-saving comes in. If the wind had blown that thing into someone’s face … well, you know the rest.

So I chased after it as it swirled along the sidewalk and looked around for a waste bin. The only one I could see was one of the newfangled combo trash and recycling bins. Which is great and all, but the opening for the trash was rather small.

So I must have given quite a few people a good laugh as they walked by and saw me wrestling with the umbrella carcass and trying to stuff it through the tiny opening into the trash bin.

hmm, guess that makes two good deeds then ….

P.S. What a great excuse to share this great song. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Billy Childish painting from HERE. Video from HERE.


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