Day 624: Cross-border litter lady

So here I am in the U.S. of A., walking through a picturesque Vermont town with friends, thinking I have a day off from good deeding when I spot it. An empty pop can on the grass.

Seems innocent enough. Maybe I can just walk on by, I think. Nope.

It’s weird. Not too long ago, I would’ve had no problem walking by and leaving the tin for someone else (preferably a professional sanitation engineer) to deal with. But not now. I feel compelled to pick it up.

Trouble is, a little further along I come across another tin. And then an empty water bottle.

My friend laughs at me as my hands gradually fill up. (No handy bag or trash bin in sight.) My husband jokes that more than a few local pooches have likely peed on these items.

But not one to be discouraged by the jeers of my peers (at least not today), I press on until I spot a garbage can and deposit my “collection.”

So the moral of my story? Always pack a bag….

P.S. Don’t you notice how hopelessly I’m lost…. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Cartoon from HERE. Vid from HERE.


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