Day 627: Go team go

Having a cold really cramps my good-deeding style. I’m sniffling and sneezing my way through town so people (quite rightly) tend to keep their distance.

I did tell my bus driver to “Have a good day,” but I swear she recoiled ever so slightly.

What I did get to see today though was a lovely group effort at good deeding. I was sitting on the subway and as we pulled into the station, I noticed a lady in her late 70s or maybe 80s, shakily standing on the platform holding a white cane.

A young Asian woman asked if she needed help getting onto the train. So when we came to a full stop and the doors slid open, a couple of people got off but then the crowd inside parted so the young woman could gently guide the blind lady onto the subway car.

The driver must have noticed them too and waited a little longer so they could get on safely. (Normally those guys take no prisoners — if you don’t get your butt in gear and leap through the doors as fast as you can, they’ll slam them closed and take any extremities with them.)

There was an empty seat opposite me but there were a bunch of people with big bags blocking it. That’s when the group effort kicked in.

Without saying a word, all eyes drifted to the blind lady and the crowd silently parted to clear a path for her, then the people on the seats shifted over so that the one closest to her was left empty. The Asian girl guided her into the seat and the lady thanked her.

It warmed my heart to see a bunch of strangers instinctively offer a gesture of kindness like that.

P.S. My new favourite song at the moment. Dare you not to start singing along. 🙂

P.P.S. Cartoon from HERE. Vid from HERE.


One thought on “Day 627: Go team go

  1. Ah-ha! Another Savage Chickens fan!!! :^) It’s been a while since I’ve been to your blog, Deb. I really enjoy it. Having fun here catching up on all of your good deeds!

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