Day 630: Camera shy

Absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I happened to see these two gents here in town for the film festival (from a distance as they walked the red carpet), and hey, sharing a picture of Mr. Colin Firth is always a good deed, isn't it?

I’m not someone who’s comfortable approaching strangers. My face flushes and I chuckle nervously … I’m sure I end up frightening them more often than not.

But when a random act of niceness is involved, sacrifices need to be made, right?

On my walk back from the lakefront at lunch time, I spotted three ladies trying to take a photo of the CN Tower. They were chatting about where to stand to get the best angle.

I just assumed they were tourists, so I mustered up the courage to approach them — actually, it didn’t take much courage, they looked pretty friendly … at first. So I walked over and asked if they’d like me to take a picture of them together.

Well, either they didn’t actually know each other, or I looked like an axe murderer, because they immediately started shaking their heads “no.” I could swear they all inched away from me a little.

One of the women even started snickering. Or maybe she, too, had a nervous laugh.

Oh well, I tried… tomorrow is another day….

P.S. Here’s Think of You from A Fine Frenzy. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Colin Firth/Geoffrey Rush picture from HERE. Vid from HERE.


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