Day 631: Wish upon a soccer star

A World Cup wish come true.

Got a call last week from The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada — no, not for money, for a donation of gently used clothing.

I’ve had those calls before from the Diabetes Association and another community living group, but it’s the first time I’d heard from Children’s Wish.

They do such amazing work fulfilling the wishes of seriously ill children, I was happy to take a look through my closet.

Interesting what I found there, actually. One of my favourite “fancy” sweaters from those days when I actually wore “fancy” sweaters. (By fancy, I just mean made of some special Italian super-soft wool.)

I also came across a dress I used to save for job interviews. It was trendy, but not too trendy, and fit me perfectly … then.

I parted with a few more still-wearable items, packed them in a box ready for the Children’s Wish peeps to pick up this morning, which they did. They even left me a lovely pre-printed thank you note with a little information about Children’s Wish. So I visited their website to read more and came across this lovely story about one of the most recent wishes they fulfilled.

They sent young soccer fan Tymaz over to South Africa for the World Cup!

Here’s Tymaz’s “Wish Story”

“It was on the soccer field in the spring 2008 that Elham noticed something was wrong with her 11-year-old son, Tymaz. The avid soccer player lacked his usual energy and vigor for a game that was his passion ever since anyone could remember. Acting on a mother’s intuition, Elham requested medical tests through the family physician.

“Within a week, the Richmond Hill youth was in the hospital being treated for leukemia. Nearly seven months of chemotherapy followed. From the hospital bed, Tymaz was in constant telephone contact with his team mates, cheering them on to play harder and score goals when he couldn’t.

“Returning to the soccer field fuelled the youth’s determination to beat the disease. Today, Tymaz is in remission. Check-ups are monthly.

“He returned to the game early in 2009 and continues to make up for lost goals on a rep team in the GTA’s Central Soccer League. He played 15 games and scored nine goals at the Golden Goal Tournament Park in Lake George, New York in July.

“It was no surprise when his heart-felt wish was to attend the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa. His wish will be granted by The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada and sponsored by XanGo.”

Read more about Tymaz’s exciting trip to the World Cup in his blog here.

P.S. Tymaz photo from HERE.


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