Day 632: Driving Miss Dazey

No, not my car ... but it does give me ideas, hmmm....

I tried to be a good-deed driver today. Which means (a) I didn’t hit anyone; (b) I didn’t honk at anyone; (c) Twice, I slowed down to let a car squeeze in ahead of me; and (d) I let someone else take a prime parking spot closest to the store I was going to.

Not that I usually cut people off, knock over pedestrians or steal the best parking spaces, but I have been known to let my mind wander when behind the wheel and  perhaps inch over the posted speed limit from time to time.

Oh, and today I also tried to signal every move and change lanes smoothly and gradually versus the “Indy 500” method my husband has suggested I tend to use (he might actually have a point there).

I find it’s more of a challenge for me to be considerate of others as a driver than as a pedestrian. I don’t know if it’s because each car becomes like a little island that isolates me from the fact that there’s an actual person (or persons) in the other cars.

Or if operating such a powerful vehicle makes me feel more Machine than Man/Woman. But it definitely feels different to me, somehow.

P.S. I think this sort of sums things up. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Car pic from HERE. Vid from HERE.


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