Day 633: One of those days

I walked out the front door today and what should greet me but two of the biggest raccoon droppings I’ve ever seen. (How did I know they were from a raccoon? Dear Mr. Google, of course.)

I’d love to say the day got better after that … but not so much.

Then at lunch hour, as I walked to the bank, I felt a sudden splash of water on my head. The sky was clear and blue but when I looked up to check, I saw that I’d inadvertently walked right under a busy window washer dangling outside the sixth floor. Guess he’d been shaking out his squeegee.

Put me on my guard a little for the rest of the day. Then, on my way home, a sad old man with trembling hands approached me at the subway asking for money for food. At first I admit I was annoyed as I’d talked to this same man (and given him money) many times. But for some reason, today I decided to look him squarely in the eyes.

And what I saw there was fear. And sadness.

So my grumpiness of the day faded away and I gave him what I could.

I guess it hit me that many people’s problems are a lot worse than finding raccoon poo on your Welcome Mat ….

P.S. My favourite song of the moment. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Cartoon from HERE. Vid from HERE.


3 thoughts on “Day 633: One of those days

  1. Thanks, Brenda!

    Sorry I haven’t posted in a while … due to, well, life, lol, and wanting to add other people’s stories to GDAD … but I’ll be back in action this weekend!

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