Day 639: Door crasher sale

I’m going to try to share tales of others’ good deeds more often (mine must be boring you to tears right about now… I mean, do you really want an itemized list of the trash I picked up today? … okay, if you insist: two plastic water bottles, a Tim Hortons cup and part of a newspaper).

But I will share something I did inadvertently today. I gave someone else a huge laugh at my expense. Huge. They were practically crying.

I was entering my office building and saw through the glass door that there was a person waiting on the other side to come out. So I wanted to hurry inside and hold the door open for them.

I threw all my weight against the door to push it open. Which would have been great except that it needed to be pulled.

My face must have contorted in pain as I sort of bodychecked the door, because the lady on the inside was howling with laughter, but trying to contain herself as she could see I was embarrassed. The more she tried to hold it back, her shoulders shook with more guffaws.

Hey, I thought. If me spazzing out makes someone else smile… I could turn frowns upside down across town in no time! (Did not mean to make a poem there, by the way.)

P.S. Very cool Messiah Flash Mob happening at a mall in Welland, Ontario. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Cartoon from HERE. Video from HERE.


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