Day 644: Doesn’t hurt to ask

Good morning, folks.

In my new resolve to share more of your good-deed stories, here’s one from Meilie Moy-Hodnett, who left this great story of her own kind gesture in the comments. Thanks, Meilie!!!

“I’m reminded that when I used to rush every morning to my job in  downtown Washington, DC, that I would be in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B, mainly because I was running late, as I really enjoyed being at Point A much more than Point B.  But, I would always try to take a moment to enjoy my journey and if possible, help someone on the way.

“One morning as I was scurrying down the street, I noted a woman with a long white cane (the universal issue for the blind) and she was quite capable of walking alone, but there were a series of newly erected wire fence to block off pedestrians for some construction.  I’m sure she would have been OK without assistance, but I could also see she would have been dumbfounded and confused by this sudden, unexpected and potentially hazardous blockade.

“I proceeded to ask her if she would like assistance, as there were obstacles in her way.  She was surprised, but quite delighted that someone would take the time to help her not have a mishap and it only took me a few minutes longer to get to my destination (the infamous Point B).

The whole act of random kindness was of little consequence to the world in whole, but it helped someone who could have hurt themselves and it made my day much brighter for doing so.

“The oddest thing about this was that when I arrived at work (Point B), I was still smiling within and maybe a little on the outside too, and when I shared my efforts with a co-worker (senior co-worker), all she could do was snicker and scowl as if this meant something.  Sadly she did not share my joy, but then that was reflective of her life being somewhat joyless because of her choices in life.

“Moral of the story:  Take a moment to make someone smile, and this moment will continue inside you and it just may spread from within both parties and onward.”

Great moral, Meilie. Another lesson I learned from reading your story is that even if you get negative feedback, don’t let it stop you. Well done!

P.S. Chicken cartoon from HERE.


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