Day 645: March Madness good deeds

A certain type of seasonal insanity overcomes our house at this time of year. No, not spring fever. Close though … March Madness. My husband, who’s normally not really a sports nut, turns into a basketball-crazed fiend when the NCAA tournament rolls around.

He says he loves it because it’s pure, untarnished-by-professional-baggage basketball. Just eager — albeit freakishly talented — students, some of whom are surprisingly short in stature for B-ball players.

I’ve even been known to get caught up in the hoopla. Gonzaga is traditionally my favourite team. I know nothing about them, I just like saying “Gonzaga.”

I usually take a break and leave the room during commercials, but during the last game, I spotted one that seemed to sum up everything I aspire to in my good-deeding quest … the power of small, simple gestures of kindness. Check it out (and no, I do not work for this or any other insurance company 🙂 ):

I knew I wanted to share the video with you guys, so I searched for it on YouTube (even though I had actually forgotten which insurance company the commercial was for … so much for the power of advertising!).

When I read through the comments, I noticed a lot of people asking who sang the lovely song that plays in the background. I had no idea, but I thought, hey, how hard can it be to find out?

So I listened to the song again, noted down what I thought could be the title, did some googling and bingo, found out the song is called “The Part Where You Let Go” by the New York indie folk-rock group Hem (had never heard of them till then). Then I replied to the folks who asked and let them know whose song it was.

Funny how you discover things sometimes. Here’s another lovely Hem tune:

P.S. 1st vid from HERE. 2nd vid from HERE.


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