Day 646: Paying it backward

Hey, it's supposed to be spring already!

In my last post, I included a cool video that, despite being an insurance commercial, told a story — all visual — that captured the ripple effect individual acts of kindness can have.

After I posted it, I had a similar experience as the ones in the video … except in reverse.

As I was leaving the office, I noticed a coworker struggling to carry dishes, cups and glasses all in one trip back to the staff kitchen. It wasn’t so much the carrying that was giving her trouble, but getting a hand free to take out her security badge, wave it across the light sensor and then open the two doors that stood between her and the kitchen.

I’ve been in exactly that position and have pulled many a muscle trying to balance crockery and pass through security at the same time, so I let my elevator go and used my security pass to unlock the doors and hold them open for her.

Then, when I got to the streetcar, I was the one who was good-deeded. It was rush hour, and the lineup was long so I had my token in my hand, all ready to deposit it. But when I dropped it in, instead of falling through the slot, it bounced off the side of the box, flew through the air as if in slow motion, and bounced down the snowy steps of the streetcar.

I was mortified that the lineup of commuters was being held up, but they couldn’t have been nicer. About five people at the front of the line bent over to help me look for it — then the nicest gesture of all happened. The driver told me not to worry about it and come on in sans token.

I’m hoping someone who really needs a token will find it there in the snow and the circle of paying it backwards … and forwards … will be complete!

P.S. Even though it’s officially spring, we are still experiencing “Winter Winds” here, so what a perfect song for today. Enjoy!

P.P.S. Photo from HERE. Mumford & Sons video from HERE.


2 thoughts on “Day 646: Paying it backward

  1. Gonzaga, delighted to see that you are recording good deeds again. It helps me to recognise and appreciate when people do good deeds for me no matter how small but all part of making a nicer day for me.

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