Day 653: Kindness boomerang

In my quest to share others’ good deeds I come across, here’s a comment I spotted on a video today:

“[The video is] showing that 1 person can make a difference and make a chain reaction. Just recently when i went xmas shopping, i dropped my wallet when i got out of the car and had no idea. A homeless couple picked it up and gave it to me. They could of easily had a debit card with 700$ and a credit card with a 3250$ limit on it. I went inside and bought them some jackets, gloves, hats, all that to keep warm and some food plus 40$. I was grateful for them to be honest.” ~ Mike C.

…and the video? It’s called “Kindness Boomerang” … hope you find it as heartwarming as I did:

P.S. Just in case you were wondering about me, I paid a stranger a sincere compliment about their adorable dog:

Ready for her closeup.


2 thoughts on “Day 653: Kindness boomerang

  1. What a lovely video! Do you mind if a share it sometime on my own blog? I love the idea of a kindness boomerang that passes on from person to person, no matter how different they are! 🙂

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