Day 654: Litter lady heads downtown

Before! (action shot taken by ... me!)

My previous posts on collecting litter on my daily walk have all involved my own suburban neighbourhood or local park.

Since I work downtown now, I thought I’d take a stroll at lunch and keep my eyes open for trash along the way.

Imagine my surprise when I could barely find a thing! My own sleepy street is a virtual magnet for snack wrappers, cigarette packs and the biggest trash culprit of all *drum roll* Tim Hortons cups.

But I must have covered about eight city blocks before I came across even a stray bit of paper. And Tim Hortons cups? Nada, niente, rien, none.

I did collect a few stray bits here and there … and one particularly smelly plastic bag that I realized (too late) was from a dog walker, if you catch my drift. *shudders* Even though I was wearing my winter gloves, I definitely ran inside once I’d dumped my “finds” in the trash bin and washed — no, scrubbed — my hands. Overall, however, a light day in Litter Lady world.

Either there are more city workers tidying up Toronto’s downtown core than my little street … or city dwellers are a bunch of neat freaks compared with suburbanites … it’s a mystery to me. Maybe I should apply for a government grant to study the situation? 🙂

After! (exciting, huh?)

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