Day 656: Tale of two mittens

This story began February 2010, after the Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Hudson’s Bay Company (official outfitters for Canada’s team) created a line of Olympic wear that included the cutest. mittens. ever.

They sold out in record time (I blame Oprah), but as soon as they restocked, I raced to the store like there was a hurricane coming and I needed to stock up on emergency supplies.

I bought enough pairs to warm the hands of a small village and promptly gifted them to, um, myself, family members, and some friends in the U.S. Why I thought they’d want to wear red and white woolly mitts emblazoned with a maple leaf, I have no idea but … much like Oprah … they loved them!

When I saw one of these friends in the States this December, she “confessed” to me that she’d given her pair away. I admit I was surprised … I thought she’d said she loved wearing them.

But then she told me the whole story. A colleague had asked her if she had any mittens she could spare … for someone he knew who was having trouble operating the controls on his wheelchair.

Turns out, putting mittens over his hands would help give him the traction needed to move the switch and get his chair where he needed it to go.

My friend said that as much as she loved her Canadian mittens (the only mitts she had), she couldn’t refuse such a touching request.

When I got home and realized I had an extra pair (of the original ones!!!! For, the Bay is selling them again, but they’ve changed the style and ditched the Olympic rings) … I knew what I had to do (although it took me a while to get my package organized, lol).

And off I went to the post office to mail them off to my friend today — as a surprise (that’s a pic of them up top, before I packaged them up) … so this “Tale of Two Mittens” has a happy ending. Just like Oprah.


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