Day 657: Snow day deeds

I almost got a closer shot, but the little guy was camera shy. 🙂

Snow has been blowing these past few days here — thankfully, not quite Snowmaggedon … yet.

I observed a lovely gesture on the streetcar today that I thought I’d share. It is freeeeezing — so cold even the ice sculptures are shivering — so any wait outside for the bus or streetcar feels like an eternity.

Our car was about to shut the doors and move on when a young guy carrying a skateboard (not generally considered a winter sport, but there you go) hopped on and asked the driver to wait. “There’s someone running to catch you,” he explained.

Now, I’ve raced to catch a streetcar (or bus) many times and sometimes the driver is kind enough to wait but other times, I get right up to the door out of breath and the driver zooms off, cackling an evil laugh (okay, I made that last part up).

But  no, this driver nodded and waited the few seconds it took for running guy to reach the door and huff-and-puff his way onto the car.

And me? Just before I got on the streetcar, I’d been in a store and tried on a bunch of different pairs of snowboots in different aisles. And instead of just leaving the ones I didn’t want where they were (for the store clerk to put them back), I walked around and returned them to where I found them. At least I hope that was a good thing …..

P.S. Song for the day. The legendary Etta James who passed away today from leukemia at 73. May she rest in peace.


3 thoughts on “Day 657: Snow day deeds

  1. about putting the boots you tried on back on the rack where you found them >>> Yes! A very good deed! I am sure the store clerk really appreciated that! (I worked one summer in a Wal-Mart show department, haha)

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